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Maintaining mission-critical legacy systems is hard for many reasons, the lack of knowledgeable developers and complexity of the code being high on the list. Our hand-vetted experts can assist you with keeping your systems running and future-proof.

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Disappearing skillsets

Early adopters of technology relied on programming languages, devices and software that are virtually unknown these days. Also the early days of the web relied on approaches that have fallen out of use. Our network of diverse, hand-vetted experts can approach any challenging maintenance tasks.

Mission-critical systems

Many legacy systems are still in use because they are indispensable to their owners. Working on mission-critical systems that are at the same time hard to understand and maintain requires strong experience, critical thinking and a pragmatic approach.

Rare skills

Hiring tech talent is hard enough even for commonly used technologies of today. Development frameworks and tools used in the 80s, 90s or even the beginning of the 21st century are unknown to the majority of developers. With our extended network of developers we can cover a range of skillsets while maintaing a high level of software engineering craftsmanship.

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One of our Solution Architects will consult you on eye-level and without tech-lingo, to clarify your technical needs, goals, and requirements.


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Within 24 to 72 hours, we'll get you in touch with the right expert for your project.


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Get started working with your new team member (10 days trial applies). We take care of admin, billing, contracting, and more.

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